It’s All about Romantic Glamorock Style in November!

In this edition of GlamorockVanguard, it will have reviews of more romantic side of glamorock style on celebrities and fashion runways.

celebrity designer’s collections, such as Olsenboye’s Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen twins, best November fashion photography: Madonna, best Cover Magazines: Harper’s Bazaar on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Favourite Items, and much more.hb17

For all of you who’s a big fan of twilight saga, and loving Kristen on last photoshoot for Interview Magz, she will back with the results of December Harper’s Bazaar edition with Rob!

It’s a teaser for the upcoming New Moon movie that will be released on November 20, 2009.

I will review closely on the magazine’s choices for they’re clothes, which dominated by my favourite colours, total black and deep enchanting blue!

Talking about cover magz wars, Madonna also did a photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine last month, featuring her guy, Jesus Luz.

Also more fashion reviews about the rising designer celebs apparel lines, Olsenboye, by Mary kate and Ashley Olsen. They make the collections by partnering with JC Penney.olsens-cupcakes-240hp102909

So stay tuned on GlamorockVanguard, your ultimate fashion reviews, for more articles and what’s this month favourite item!sev-olsenboye-clothing-dk1009

Thank you for all of you that has given comments and pay visited here, i’ll keep updated it with more qualified reviews.

Happy November!!

Maya A. Siregar


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