GLAMOROCKIN’ YOUR SELF : How to Trick the Loose Multiple Silver Chains Bracelet!

As i bought this multiple silver chains bracelet, which has the chunky real chain pattern, there’s a slight problem to wear it. It directly falls through my wrist.

The bracelet was too big, and there was no sizes. I thought i might exchange it with another, turned out accessories can’t be exchanged.

So i thought, i love this bracelet, i never actually want to exchange it no matter how loose it was. So my idea was to extend the rings. hmm?!

Well, i don’t actually extend it, but i just put extra black ribbon to tied it up so the bracelet could be put it together more fit to the wrist.


Slip the ribbons in the little or big rings that links the chunky chains

PIC00921At the sides of the chains, there were rings that connect the bigger one to link each other. In that part i slipped the ribbons in, both sides.


Knotted it up in simple first, and tied it again like you tie your shoe laces

After i slip the ribbons in both sides, i put my hands trough the ribbons and the chain, as if the ribbon was part of the bracelet itself.

Then i knotted both of the ribbon’s end. after that, i knotted it up again like we’re going to tie our sneaker’s lace.


tied it up like you tie your shoe laces!

And that was it! you can change the ribbon into more luxurious yet simple, such as suede fabric. You can also made the bracelet into statement necklace by applying the same way by using a longer ribbon.


voila! you can switch the color and the fabric of the ribbon, i prefer suede, black.

Hope it helps!


make the bow smaller or big, up to you!!


you can also make it as a statement necklace, just find a longer ribbon!


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