2009 is certainly the best year ever, in fashion trends sense. Yes, unfortunately in the last months of this year, the fashion industry were are effected by the economic meltdown in New York.

Nevertheless, the top designers and brands like Burberry and Karl Lagerfeld maintain its creativity and still presents the best Ready-to-Wear collections.

This month, i will review 12 TOP STYLE ITEMS that consecutively i love! and that is rare.. so that’s why i said that 2009 is the best year for fashion trends.

Also i will review the Best 12 Dresser and Best Film Costumes.

I dedicated the latter category as i love to watch great films, and it is almost incomplete without the supports of great costumes.

Hence, The Inglorious Bastards, will be in the category for sure!

Regarding to the last category, which is the best ITEM for the year, i will review BELSTAFF, The Infamous UK Brand from 1920’s.

“The Black Prince” of motorcycle waterproof jacket is the brand’s most famous item, and that stand still and merging with the elements of current trends.

Get ready boys, this is your ultimate brand, especially for you who’s a fan of outdoor activities, Motorcycling, and involve in Aviation industry.

A little peek, the Brand is famous on big screen’s such as Batman Begins, War of The Worlds, WANTED, and many more.

So stay tuned for my updates, and Happy holidays everyone!!

Maya Siregar



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