2009 may has became the tough times for fashion industry, but apparently not discouraging designers to get ideas and innovating their collections.

Christopher Bailey as the Creative Director for Burberry has evolved the iconic trench coats to the next level.

Among the survivors of the fashion crisis, he definitely took the top designers list that came through it gracefully and creatively.

Check the Spring/Summer 2010 in London fashion week, the trench coats were reborn in more sophisticated, sultry and edgy look.

The trenches were more fitted, modern, and has turned to be more alluring to wear it in our daily activities. Not just a coat that cover our dress, or basic attire.

It definitely makes a person stylish enough just to wear the trench and put on your best shoes, then you are ready to go anywhere you like!

Not that the previous style of the trench had not been the BFF’s of your any kind of outfit.

not just the models of the trenches, the colours and the materials that were used also impeccable.

Suede, Metallics, and chiffon for the skirts and silver paillette-encrusted metallic embellishments were the few examples that grab the attention.

Colours were not only came in basic trench, khakis, and dark colours, but also silver metallics, soft pink, blue, and even gold-ish yellow.

Came in one theme, the collections were made the Burberry brand took a turning head to those fashionistas which currently looking at another “most favourite” labels this year, with the strong shoulders dresses or jackets.

The show also in the event of celebrating the opening of the global headquaters of Burberry at Horseferry Road, London.

The muse of Burberry in current collections is Emma Watson.

cute like a couple huh? hihihi... pic credit:


He joined Burberry in May 2001. Before he was the senior designer of Gucci for womenswear from 1996-2001.

Not only responsible for all the product lines of Burberry in global scale, but also for the company’s overall image including all advertising, corporate art direction and store design.

The 38 year old designer has made the Burberry iconic label into fresh and reborn to the current emerging labels.

The newly appointed as Chief Creative Director also launched in 2009.

It basically compiled the looks and photos people from around the globe who wears Burberry everlasting trench coats.

Collaborating with Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist to name a few, art of the trench site really embracing the trademark items and style to the hearts of fashionistas.

Setting the milestones trough the site was a creative move by Bailey.

He was graduated from Royal College Art with a master degree in 1994, and given honorary doctorate from Westminster University in 2006.


can't get enough trenches, Bailey also designes the two pieces, mini skirts and blouses. The blue is just perfect, sultry edgy!

The iconic style collection of SS10, The silver paillette-encrusted embellishments top with skinny belts. not to mention the ruffled satin mini skirts! gorgeous.


s=”size-full wp-image-648″ />

not just the trenches and the skirts, but also Studded and ruffled shoulder-clutch bag! credit:



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