Alas, the 2010 Golden Globe awards revealed their winners!

Congratulations for Robert Downey Jr., Sandra Bullock, Merryl Streep, my-favourite-villain-ever Christopher Waltz, and Martin Scorsese for the Cecil B. DeMille award, to name a few.

Now let’s review back to the red carpet moments.

The gents were presenting their best appearances at the red carpet with different tux style.

sources: tvguide.com

sources: thehufftingtonpost.com

Mickey Rourke may be titled for the worst dressed in various media. Yet i found his character are exceptionally immersed into that Croco collar tux.

sources: thehufftingtonpost.com

As for my favorite director ever, Mr. Quentin Tarantino, i have to say that maybe he better stick to directing a film, and trusting the red carpet moments to his partner, or stylist.

The cape made him looked like a Jedi from Star Wars. Nevertheless, he is a one unique brilliant gentleman.

As i have reviewed before, i have high hopes for the red carpet stars to take a fresh look for their golden moments, especially the new ones.

Supported by the gloomy and showery weather in Hollywood, Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts, Jeniffer Aniston, Mariah Carey, Meryl Streep, Lea Michelle from Glee, and January Jones from Mad Men chose to wear solid black.

Black is often to be judged for the safest choice you can decide the red carpet.

Though it would be stunning and wise if you just had the right reason and charisma for it.

So who wise enough to wear the classic black gown?

Sources: tvguide.com

If i think of Penelope Cruz, surely it will not take a lot of effort for dressing her.

She has a natural beauty.

But then again, when she put a black gown with sequined lace details and mermaid tail of a vintage Armani like that, it hit the right character for her.

A sexy talented Spanish actress that struck the American soil.

Jeniffer Aniston and Mariah Carey were consistently presented their true character.

Meanwhile Mariah Carey clearly shown the classic side of her, but truthfully it would be great to see her on a more demure and suit her curves elegantly.

For that point, among Jeniffer Aniston, and Mariah Carey, i had to say that she were embracing Cruz’s character wisely enough.

Young actresses like Lea, and January, i found it less interesting.

Not that Lea’s gown is not amazing, that Oscar De La Renta gown was gorgeous, but too save for her looks.

Meanwhile for January, I just found it too safe. The details were not enough to help it.

As for Meryl Streep, the gown was not that great for the colour. But the shape were suitable for her figure.

Last but not least, Julia Roberts’s little black dress were saved by her million dollar smile and big chunk gold necklace.

The Sheer and Dazzles

Now let’s voted for the best dressed artists.

If you have read the previous post for 2010 red carpet events, you must have seen the Versace gown that i chose for the options.

Turned out, Christina Aguilera worn it to the Golden Globe award!

It absolutely fitted her perfectly!

A tamed pink one for Christina, but the model of the gown were the one that kept her edgy and sexy like she always does, but better!

Came from the same colour, but more peachy, and the same label, Drew Barrymore look stunning and sheer with that Versace.

Nevertheless, I already chose 3 dresses that had what it takes for the best dressed award!

sources: tvguide.com

Stella McCartney’s gown was definitely the hero of the red carpet! Anna paquin worn it perfectly. The cutting is simple but the gold metallic embellishment, wow!

Next to Anna was the sheer queen-of-drama, and winner of the best performance by an actress in a mini series or motion picture made for television, Drew Barrymore in Grey Gardens, with her Versace unique sparkling embellishment gown.

Last but not least, Christian Lacroix gown was the black horse at the Golden Globe 2010. Worn by Diane Kruger, who had often to reveal her edgy side of her. At the Golden Globe, she embraced her romantic side to the max.


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