2011 is so colourful! and yes the 70s are back, and there are reasons for you to wear your old clothes and oversized sweater back. But just for the updates, not all the items are ok to put on. so these are the 5 things you must have to sizzle the look of 2011.


when you buy accessorizes, you need to look out the bold, glamor, yet fun characteristics and wearable at all times. for example, the animal jewelry, or the chains bulky silver bracelet, or the bold and glamorous necklace, which bedazzled your day, whether you only wear a plain shirt and shorts.


go wild and flirty with your updo skirts. those who love to wear them, try to wear the mini but flowy skirts. the colour also define the trends, which in this case, you should go for orange, blu sky, greens, or pinks. try to have one of them to mix it up with a plain shirt or t-shirts! and you could have converse pr other sneakers with it for a teen vogue look.

3. 70s tees

YOU GOTTA HAVE IT. it is rockin your day. it can be slobby, but still trendy and yet effortless style.


Bottega Venetta may endure in this 2011. their collections represent the ethnicity that becomes one of the trends in this summer!


you may have the last year’s ankle boots, but this time, try to find it more accentuate with straps and wear it in quirky style, yet edgy. it is best to wear it with the “it” skirt! it will give you androgynious also fun look.


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