Where do you get your style from? for me it’s dominated by what i feel the most, latest or last season’s collections of my favorite designers, and what i see available in store i went. i rarely follow what’s hot right now. i always turn back to what i admire and love most for the items that struck my heart and always get my heart pumping.

Another place that i get my self inspired is from various music videos, and movies! you’re probably already seen so much of these artists, but have you seen it as your style inspiration? so for starter, i will reveal my must see music videos in this end of the month for you to look at once again.


A lot of prints, and body suit were the trends of 2009-2010. What i depicted from this video is the prints. they are so interesting, somehow work together in my eyes.

Remember when Chanel gave you their printed body suit? Leigh Lezark was the one who got it all running in prints in the magazines.


leigh lezark

leigh lezark


Not particularly loved it, and it only goes for her picture dominating the spreads in magazines for wearing it in Chanel’s fashion show in later year. That is up until Jessie J came up wearing printed body suit in her domino’s video.

the prints are adorable, but the prints in the bodysuit, makes it like too sleep wear. so it needs jackets (as Karl Lagerfeld put it on in the runway look) or knee length boots. combined it the two attachments, you can comfortably wear it for your fall/winter look. As if you got up from your bed fully clothed straight from the runways, put your boots and ready to stroll the streets looking very fierce!

Ed Sheeran, Give Me Love

The whole video was following the angel of love walk around some people, throw down her charms to get those people love, and finally arrowed her self, to get her self love.

i just captivated by this video, the short story of it, and the feel of the video is gloomy, desperate but also touched by the beauty of this angelic model that only wears black and white clothes. the wings, and the simple clothes feels so edgy mixed with lightness of feather that created effortlessly fierce look.

immediately i feel very in love about having something simple, but high quality material sweater. that is light as a feather, could have been a 100% wool, mixed with tight black pants that soft as second skin look like. Ankle boots or pumps will do the overall style.


Jack Jones pullover sweater
598.260 IDR -

Helmut Lang boatneck top
972.120 IDR -

855.465 IDR -

Long pants
176.650 IDR -

H&m pants
88.180 IDR -


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