What is GlamorockVanguard?

Hallo! Welcome to my blog.

GlamorockVanguard is a fashion blog that reviews only the best fashion items that have characteristics of GlamoRock style.  So what are the characteristics of GlamoRock style?

GlamoRock style is edgy, simple, and alluring! it has certain attitude that a lady must have, no matter what age you are! it can be adapted and still look appropriate.

In here you can find fashion reviews from attires, shoes, accessories and lifestyle, FOR WOMEN AND MEN.  Make sure you check my latest sets from Polyvore or looklet.

I also review what i called ‘FASHION HEROES’, that tells us about any designers, photographer, artists, models, and other fashion icon that inspire us.  Also there will be reviews of related news about what’s iconic in fashion today.

So please start looking at my pages and feel free to give comments, critics and your view about this blog. Because what you say is very appreciated for the sake of it, so it will give you the best fashion and lifestyle related for your daily out and on the weekends!


Maya A. Siregar



  1. Maya!
    you rocks dear!
    even this blog is still under development, but its quite delighting for us.
    I hope there will be more fashion line reviews in the future!

  2. oh my dear,
    it’s cooL! I support U to be THE Fashion Journalist!
    Hope the best for U!
    and I can’t to see the upcoming review from U..

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