black rocks this year’s runway

Style is somebody’s cumulative choices of what they decided to wear everyday. Mood swings, events, and purpose of the day are basically what effects their decision.

So when somebody decided to put on black on black attire for the day, or for the rest of their lives, what could their message be? Was it just plain their favorites, or was it something more?

the girl who kick ass in black

Before going to places, a person choose how to get dress. Colors, fabrics, patterns and eventually it became their style for the day.

Many of them are always have signature things, such as bracelets, cuffs, or even piercings. No matter what, the look that we choose, relying the feelings we were having that time.

It is powerful how one look can affect how you feel for the rest of the day. Take example in “the girl with the dragon tatoo: the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest” when Lisbeth Salander -played by Noomi Rapace- decided to go all out black on black and put all the punk attire for her trial. The image is strong looking, fearless, and even challenging.

She basically said, “You have got nothing on me, and i am stronger than ever!”

The rough life of lisbeth doesn’t make her weak, infact its getting her more stronger. So when you look at the movie, you will see how she dressed and how she personafied the look.

for me black is…

Strong. That’s what i always get and aim when i wear black and all kinds of black with all its shades for my outfit of the day.

Not only suits me, but i feel really comfortable and it gives me an extra confidence to do anything for the rest of the day. Whether it’s formal or informal occassion, i always fall for black attire (with twists of its shades, like grey and white)

Where the black stands

“Notice me, but do not disturb me.” Is what black gives a message. In more elaborate interpretation, a sense of mystery, inconspicous and gives protection from invinsibility. Meanwhile, as a gem stone, said black symbolizes resilience and self control.

Among the events like black tie, and cocktail parties, black becomes the main choices for elegance. but on the other hand, black blends well with punk style. as it said earlier, rebellious black marks a perfect message to what the punk community delivers.

There are many conflicting ideas what the black is all about. as if it always mysterious, and no one can fathom what really it stands. eventually, versatility become the primary status -in the sense of its function- in the fashion world.

designers that rocks most the black


Diesel black gold

06 11


00440fullscreenIt’s the tweed, matching with black, makes it classic and eternally classy. No rivals.

Alexander mcqueen


Alexander_mcqueen_black_3d_leaves_knuckle alexander-mcqueen-2011-evening-dress alexander-mcqueen-black-highwaist-slit-cropped-pants-product-1-5932447-439898566_large_flex alexander-mcqueen-faithful-black-zipper-peep-toe-booties lindsay-lohan-and-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-gallery mcqueen-6


6a00d83451d39969e2014e89dbf321970d-600wi GIVENCHY-1n Givenchy-Lucrezia-Satchel-Big kate-moss-givenchy

public figure who are in love with black and own it

Kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart Sports an Edgy Look With Dark Eye Makeup and All Black kristen-stewart-300 Kristen-Stewart-with-Balenciaga-Quilted-Motorcycle-Jacket-2 o-KRISTEN-STEWART-570
Rooney Mara

1336448194_rooney-mara-560 rooney-mara-2011-2 Rooney-Mara-Vogue-Magazine-2013-rooney-mara-33361689-650-884
Angelina Jolie

who always dress in black and effortlessly poised by it? She is!

433743652_013 Premiere Of Sony Pictures' "Salt" - Arrivals angelina_jolie300 Angelina-Jolie-217 Angelina-Jolie-Dresses-2012 angelina-jolie-signature-black



Ciaoo mia l’amiciii dall’moda!!!!

The other day when i wen to pacific mall with my stylish sister for work related pleasures, i ran into Angelique Widjaja.

She is a senior tennis Indonesian athlete that also the most stylish athlete in the field!

In here she wore plain shirt and mini skirt jeans. But always, i wouldn’t take her picture if she didn’t wear that rockin’ scarf!! That infamous Alexander Mcqueen’s blue black skull!!

It’s a damn right decisions to put that on to her outfit!! Makes her overall style simply rockin!

Great job Angie! 😉



His touch to the fashion world is a never ending story. Simple, but always set the style that suits every seasons, trends, and ladies. Cut to the chase, he rocks the most iconic label the whole time, CHANEL, with his works. He also once worked for Balmain, but the apprentice finally joined and rocked the master’s highest place in the fashion world! Now he is imitated but never duplicated, and become true inspiration for any designers around the world. HE IS A TRUE STYLE MAKER!





5. SALLY KOESWANTO – Indonesia

6. BARLI ASMARA – Indonesia

7. BIYAN – Indonesia









Once again Madonna has proved her divacious style in music with her new album called “Celebration”.

Her latest song that also called “Celebration” collaborating with Benny benassi and DJ Paul Oakenfold hits all the media coverage, MTV and radios in the middle of 2009.

She also lead the fashion world with her Balmain mini 3/4 sleeves and puffed shouldered dress with studded diamonds, killed with Christian Louboutin Supre Fifre over-the-knee corset boots in the video.


She directly hit the cover magazines, like this W magazine photoshoots!

looking as a true icon, madonna indeed made her album cover as the reinvention of her 80’s look. Louis Vuitton also made her as the muse for the 2009 Fall/Winter campaign.vuitton_01_640




3.…/runway-to-celebration-video-madonna -in-balmain/ –

My World: Breaking the Mold by Leigh Belz October 26, 2009.



Crystal says she dieted down to a sickly 95 pounds during the first phase of her modeling career (left). Her memoir, Hungry (right), comes out this month.



As a teen, Crystal Renn starved herself to get into the competitive world of modeling–but became a bigger star after embracing her natural body type.

My World: Breaking the Mold: Sound Off: Connect:
by Leigh Belz October 26, 2009

I was always, you could say, a different type of child. I was a bit of a Goth girl and really into music. I went to a religious school in Florida and was the only one wearing long-sleeve velvet tops. I was rebellious, especially with clothes.

When I turned twelve, we moved to Mississippi. Clothes and appearance mattered a lot there. And I looked different. I had long, dark hair, and kids in school couldn’t tell what my nationality was. They called me Pocahontas. It made me really unstable and self-conscious for the first time in my life.

My mother was concerned and put me into a beauty and etiquette school. I didn’t really care; I just went. When I was fourteen, a modeling scout came to the school and approached me. He showed me some magazine spreads and said, “I think you can do that. You can do Vogue.” I looked at this picture of Gisele with her hair flowing and thought, No way! But then, something clicked. I can’t explain it. I knew I had to do it. I didn’t really like my life and saw this as my ticket out.
He said, “You’ll have to lose some weight–ten inches off your hips. If you do that, you can be a supermodel.” This was my chance, and I threw myself into it 100 percent. The next day I wrote down everything I ate. I bought all these diet books to educate myself on nutrition; it wasn’t only about losing weight–I wanted to know about carbohydrates, sodium, and fat. I dropped 30 pounds in three months. There was no middle ground–I was losing those ten inches. I exercised every day and cut even more calories and dropped down to about 115 (I’m five feet nine). I was still too young to model, but I was getting myself ready.

I lost all my friends because I’d never go out. I knew I had an eating disorder, but I was too focused on leaving Mississippi and making my mark. When people asked about my health, I’d say, “I’m eating healthy and working out.” They just didn’t know that I was exercising eight hours a day.

Finally, when I was sixteen, the scout came back to visit and said, “You’re perfect. Come to Manhattan. You’re ready.” I got to New York and thought, I’m here; all the work paid off. I moved into a model apartment and began going to castings. I was always more of a print girl than a runway model, though I did a little of both at first. But then I started getting sick. Basically, I had gotten down to 95 pounds, and my body had gone into starvation mode. My hair was falling out. My body was saying, “No way, no how.” And then I started gaining weight, even though I was always at the gym and essentially eating only lettuce.

The day I broke down, I had worked out for sixteen hours over the weekend because I had to take bathing suit Polaroids for the agency the next Monday. When I left the gym, I could barely walk–it felt like my muscles were deteriorating. Something had to change. I thought, I can’t deal with this for one more second. I’m done.

So I went in to the agency and told them what was going on. They told me I could either go a more commercial route or try plus-size fashion modeling. I said, “I can be any size I want and still model? Yes!” After I left the agency, I had my first real meal in years: Salmon, walnuts, and olive oil–it sounds healthy now, but at the time, I thought it was amazingly decadent.

My goal remained the same–I wanted to do fashion editorial modeling. But now I was going to do it with my real, healthy body. Once I began eating regularly, my metabolism freaked out, and I went up to a size 16. But eventually I leveled off at a 12. It took me a few months to heal.

My first job as a plus-size model was in editorial, which is unheard of. More of my being different, I guess. A few months into my new career, at the start of 2004, I was called for a shoot with photographer Steven Meisel for Vogue. To do Vogue was the ultimate accomplishment. For him to say “Yeah, you don’t fit the normal model type, but I’m going to use you for this, Italian Vogue, and Dolce & Gabbana” was so empowering.

After that, I told my story in Teen Vogue and also was featured in Vogue, and French Vogue, and it became this big thing. A literary agent approached me and said, “I would love for you to write about your experience.” I loved the thought of helping other people. I worked with a coauthor, and my book, Hungry (Simon & Schuster), is out now.

I really believe that everyone has a set-point weight, and if you try to fight it, your life will be hell. We all have different set points, so for the media to tell women there’s only one size to be and one way to look is ridiculous. I think girls should look in magazines and feel empowered by what beauty is; I hope I’m helping to take it to the next step.


DVF New Collections for Spring 2010

“Feel like a woman, wear a DRESS.” said Dianne in 1972. It was her ultimate fashion direction. The lady that became the iconic wrap dress has launched a new Spring Collections for 2010!

In this collection, Diane pulled out her statement printed dresses and juxtaposed patterns. Looking at her collections was like breathing a fresh air.

Lots of floral prints, which patented style for spring, were mixed with colourful accessories, and gold wedges. Other styles that attract the eyes were dresses with fur end embellishment, the ruffled wrap dress, and the boyfriend jackets that cover the dresses.

Diane also set the trend spots by mixing printed silk top with grey cotton-lycra material that looks like a skirt.

Not particularly fond for that mixed materials, but sure she was right to show us how to wear the waist belt over your silk blouse or jackets.

She was still created little black dresses that match it with boyfriend jackets.

DVF Empire

Making who is wearing it to feel beautiful and eloquent, overall, DVF dresses were the ultimate choice for the spring.

Diane Von Furstenberg have created a trademark, follows the Coco Chanel era, for women empowerment in their style. She has launched her book, Be the Wonder Woman You Can Be in October 2008. The Wonder Women inspired limited edition comic book was dedicated to empowering women and giving back.

As a designer, Diane have contributed in many charity events, such as Vital Voices in Womens Day, Women for Women International, CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, 30.000 pairs of shoes for children in Ethiopia, and more.

Diane von Furstenberg recently went to Moscow for Diane von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress, a retrospective on the fashions and life of Diane. Curated by Andre Leon Talley, the exhibition will debut on October 30th, at the Manezh Central Exhibition hall in Moscow and will run through November 22nd, 2009.

Besides womenswear, DVF empire also produces sportswear, beauty, and fragrance lines.

DVF official website :
New York Fashion magazine, online:

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Watch “Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2010 Collection” at New York Magazine


From New York Magazine, at

From New York Magazine, at

From New York Magazine, at

From New York Magazine, at


It’s the new collection of Lagerfeld for Spring 2010! the star of this collections were the dresses!

He concentrated on mini dresses, came in black, silver, white and orange!

The silhouette of the dresses were powerful, strong yet still embracing the feminine side. He always paid attention in to the androgyny part of a woman and made it absolutely beautiful! LOOVE it!!

From New York Magazine, at

From New York Magazine

From New York Magazine, at

From New York Magazine

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From New York Magazine

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From New York Magazine

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