Bali’s wonderland

Welcome to the land of gods!


Bali is your answer for making your free time in worth while to wait for. You can shop, sight seeing, water sport, and surfs!

My trip to bali is never boring. But what i do differently this time is that my friend’s celebrating her marriage in the most beautiful scenes of Bali ever!

My trip is only 4 days 3 nights, but i got a whole new experience with my baby boy’s on board.

Now i wanna share with you some of the greatest Bali’s updates in its shops and sceneries to look at!


Shopping Craze at Jl. Oberoi, Seminyak

All the way to seminyak, you will see a lot of clothing till accessories shops. It ranges from the most expensives Australian based designs to Bali’s own designers.

Names of these boutiques are uniques! What i love about it, mostly all of these boutiques have edgy items and baby cloths with cool details!

Check these top 7 shops you can find in Bali!

Niluh Djelantik

All of the girls that are crazy about shoes and heels must go here! forget about the red soles, in Indonesia, Niluh Djelantik’s collections are the most comfy, luxurious high heels must haves!


whenever i go to Bali, i always take a visit to Niluh’s shoe shop. it is still located in Oberoi street.

i always look for the sales item. The sales item is located in her Oberoi gallery, meanwhile her newest collections are located in a nearby shop in Seminyak street, just around the block from Oberoi.

after taking a generous time in there, i finally found my pairs.

it’s a phyton snake skin suede leather with simple cutting and nude colours. A simple high heels platform sandals that just holds my feet so luxe.


The prisoners of st. Petersburg

It is rather a small tiny boutique, but do not underestimate it yet, it holds patterns and edgy designs from Bali!

From long dresses to crop top tees that has its shredded back on it (fit for having as a bikini outerwear), it is still worth to look at.

I got a long sleeves with cross patterns and ruffles details. It comes in long dress as well, but i prefer the top as my farewell trip from this shop.




You are not completely have shopped from Bali if you do not take a look at this one!

Skulls and blacks are their main identity as a shop, but when in details, they are truly meticulous about it.

Check out my black shredded details top! Thank God i finally have it coz i have been searching the right fit for the shredded tees.


The range of the prices are worth to spend. I’m giving 4 stars for it. Just make sure what you buy is something unique, like the shredded details on a basic shapes of tees.

Now this is a place where the fashion devotees are searching for in fashion items, no matter how much the prices are.

The quality of the fabrics are obviously high, not to forget the price.

What unique from this shop is the back bar that so rustique and secretive!

I haven’t got the chance to try it out yet, but if one of you got Bali as your next holiday destination, it is a must try out for one of your daily strolls in Bali.

3 stars for it!



First of all, it is a great store. Unfortunately it is going to move and closing in Bali in the end of the year.

The good news is, big, big sale for all items!

That’s what i love, but the artistic side of it is also makes me thrilled bought their items!

Like many of Bali shops, they also serves baby tees, and their prints are so rockin! In sumo, i got 2 sumo’s origins statement tees.

60% sale is a great price for these kind artistic items. For those of you who will be in Bali before October, please do check them out.

4 stars for them!



It seems all of the bracelets in kuta streets are full of colorful sweets and not enough time to select. But you can skip those precious time to Satori!

It is a gallery and jewelry shop in oberoi street. great shop that sells not to underestimated paintings, silvers and even sarongs.

You can choose authenthic balinese original silver, or you can alao pick the “fashion” silver jewelry.

I got my beloved studded swarovski in here!



This is a love song

i haven’t got anything from this store, but man, it is loaded with great tops and your needs to have the latest style. It is too pricey for me. Because i never spend anything that much for clothes, except jeans and outerwear.

but if you are the opposite of my shopping habits, you may spend your money in here! it’s quite worthed.





Must Haves Shoes:


In the name of glamorock style, these are the shoes that completely state your attitude. Over the knee shoes seems over the top look for us to wear it in Indonesian tropical weather, unless you’re a celebrity, you can wear it in your concerts or red carpet. So the choices are goes to half knee buckled and studded boots! they’re manlike boots, but surely they’re very comfortable, wearable with jeans, leggings, tights, lacy leggings, you named it!! whatever tops you’re wearing, dress, shirts, jackets, rain coats, you’ll rock the glamorock look!!

rizzo worn by caroline,




"Underground" from

"underground" western buckle black boots from

how to wear the boots,

"parklane" from, LOOOVE IT!!

girl from taipei, in her lookbook

House of Harlow 1960’s Spring 2010 line by Nicole Richie


House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie @ Shopbop |

Being as a fashionista and a accessories designer of House of Harlow 1960, Nicole Richie finally made expansion to clothing and shoes line. This time she made her spring 2010 collections called “Winter Kate”, which also named after her newborn baby.

winter-kate-first-lookAs what the line called, her designs mainly capture the essence of 60’s style, with edgy and new modifications.  You will see a lot of print slip dresses, print tops,  and kimono-like bed jacket.


Photo: Courtesy of House of Harlow 1960/Kiston

The Accessories are matching the whole collection looks, gold cuffs and bangles, and statement rings that you can see a lot in this year-end trends!

Beautiful dresses meets gorgeous accessories are match made heaven!

As for the shoes, she also added weaving thread that formed a kind of tribal and asymmetrical lines.  Its models are quite simple, like neutral beige coloured and peep toe style, and ankle boots. house-of-harlow-1960-shoes-first-look

Who Wears House of Harlow 1960

As a stylish mom, Nicole has successfully made her collections which launched from around 2008 (correct me if i’m wrong), and legitimized it by lines of celebrities that wore them.

madonna-300x400Name from her BFF’s Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Amanda Byrnes, and Madonna! They all adore her accessories collections.

As an accessories fanatic myself, i must say her collections are gorgeous. She definitely has proved herself in her collections. Congrats Nicole!













From Demi Moore, to Dita Von Teese, to Ashton Kutcher, here i present their shoes aficionado!!

*the photos were from*


SHOES TRIBUTE: Why Do Women Wear Crazy Shoes?

This post is dedicated to ALL the ladies who just like me, LOVES to wear HEELS.

In here i excerpted an article that every single man raises the question, why do women wear crazy shoes? hahaha..

After Christian Louboutin hits the fashion industry, all was thankful for the saving of our shoe fetish feet! he saved us from tiring and suffering from wearing high heels.

He makes the front part of the shoe to be balanced those crazy 12 inches heels, so our feet just feel wearing regular heels and well balanced to from one place to another.

For me, as a petite, i need heels, maybe not as what Alexander McQueen designed for 2010 heels, but yes i love those double platform high heel shoes! also prefer wedges to sandals…. 😉

black platform bianca pump

rockstar contrast suede hidden platform and gold chain 5 inch130mm n 1 inch25mm

charlotte olympia





T-Bar Platform Shoe

T-Bar Platform Shoe

Why Do Women Wear Crazy Shoes? — The Cut.


The New York Times asks why women like to wear shoes that are impossibly high, uncomfortable, and difficult — perhaps even dangerous — to walk in. Various (what we suppose are) experts weigh in. Soap star Tina Sloan of Guiding Light offers this:

In brute defiance of reality, we wear heels we can barely walk in and much like sitting in the sun bathed in oil to get a darker tan or smoking so as not to eat and get fat, we suffer the consequences. But somehow the consequences are too far out to care about. It is just such fun to look glamorous in high, high heels.

Well, that’s silly, because high heels don’t actually give people cancer, like sun exposure or smoking. Moving on to a better answer from Robert H. Frank, Cornell economics professor.

Taller people earn more, for example, and command greater attention in social settings. And hence the attraction of high heels.

But height is relative. If others wear flats, a woman in two-inch heels seems tall. But that same woman seems short if others wear four-inch heels. Which explains why heels have grown taller as fashion markets have become more competitive. On Paris runways this week, models had to wear five-inch heels atop two-inch platform soles to get an edge.

He goes on to note that in the end no one gains, because high heels can injure the feet, knees, and back. We wear high heels sometimes because we like the way they look. Also because it’s just fun to be taller. Especially when you’re out with your man, and you have spectacular new seven-inch heels on (that you perhaps got an amazing deal on at a sample sale) and you’re finally taller than him, and he’s kind of embarrassed, but when you greet assorted friends, they say, “Wow! Your shoes are amazing! You’re so tall!” And you can say, “I know! I’m taller than him now!”

Your thoughts?