Must haves must haves must haves


The must haves item of the day is,,,

The berry lipstick!!

When having much trouble to apply brightest pink for your daily make up, choose berry hues! It is simply dim the bright pink, because berry color is basically a blend of pink and purple, meet in the middle. So it is perfect for having intense color for your lips, without too much brightness.

My choice of berry is Clinique’s grandest grape intense from their new chubby stick collection! It is very applicable for daily wear and does not need any nude color to mix it up.

The modest hue and its intense color of grape really is grabbing attention and really make your over all look well done!

Quick tips for edgy look:

mix it up with darker color, or classic to bring more intensify grape berry color on your lips. Have it your way! 🙂



Leather jackets. no matter it’s summer, fall, autumn, or winter, you absolutely able to wear it in various season. Especially when jackets, in general, are worn mostly hanged by your shoulders in this year’s style.

Thank god i have my leather jacket again, after the old one is literally torn out. Here is the new one, i called it “Angie”. It always make me feel protected and becomes my reliable “wing man” for my statement look.


No matter what season, I always obsessed with leather jacket, especially with biker look details. My obsession becomes worse when my ultimate muse, Kristen Stewart, also making it as her “second skin”. Well the big difference is she is endorsed with her friend, Nicholas Ghesquire, the former designer for Balenciaga.

The New Skin

After only 2 years wearing my classic biker leather jacket from ZARA(The old one is torn out because I kept them away in my closet while I was pregnant), I replaced it with another black leather jacket, only it is more detailed.



I am so satisfied to have found it! The details are incredibly just what I love the most. Biker collar, fine lines around the hips, strong shoulder, and quilted elbow. It is so androgyny but not having too much of a biker feel.

I love it more because I can wear it in 3 different ways! Buttons on, loosen up, or closed up.


1. Get your signature style

– types of jacket
Leather jackets are not always biker. Nowadays there are so much options and variations of materials you can choose from. For example, if you are a girl who wears mostly dresses, or all things feminine, you can choose leather jackets that has suit-like model, or even better, just like the rick owen’s leather jacket. It has loose front as the accent for the cover ups, so it gives you softer and affable feel on the leather.

– details
I go for studs, zippers, quilts, and line stitches. It matters so much to pay attention to the details, because your leather jacket will be worn out, and the only you can save is the natural basic accessories that already sewn on your jacket.

Choosing your beloved leather jacket!

Paul Joe Sister real leather jacket
4.276.885 IDR -

Moto jacket
1.127.975 IDR -

Vivienne westwood
10.453.945 IDR -

Helmut lang
8.945.570 IDR -

2. Colors makes all the difference to the leather
It almost seems obvious that colors are the fastest way to get the different impression and feel to your look. Not to mention when you are choosing you leather jackets. If I love black, it is the opposite to those who are opted more girly side. Neutral colors are best for you girls! Nude, white, cream, or even red, can make your total look easy going, but absolutely done!


Balmain real leather jacket
50.792.645 IDR -

Sass Bide quilted jacket
7.289.975 IDR -

Theory biking jacket
10.291.115 IDR -

Alice Olivia real leather jacket
8.728.530 IDR -

Zara real leather jacket
2.420.270 IDR -

AllSaints vintage biker jacket
6.492.940 IDR -

Mango real leather jacket
1.846.695 IDR -

3. Assembly it with the proper accessories and outfits.
Personally, when I wear leather jacket, I downsize my accessories to nearly none. Because having to put on the leather jacket itself –especially the real material- is already much, and quite heavy on your shoulders. The jacket itself already make a statement of who you are and what you want to be seen as.

For me, I always go for strong looking, rock, effortless, and fierce. So I only put on my statement rings, cuffs, sunglass or even my skinny leather headband that is also black, same with my jacket! Either way, I only put on one item as my main accessory.


Kristen Stewart Cannes red balenciaga leather quilted jacket

My muse, Kristen Stewart, has been endorsed with Givenchy with 3 different colors of its statement leather jacket, black, lime and red. Of course my utmost attention is on the black one. She is also stated that they are her second skin and will be devastated if she loses them. I couldn’t agree more!


Yeeeiy!! finally! now it's very managable, more messy more fun!!! thank you mas Zaenal, love it!

Finally after a year, yes, a year! I have got my hair cut last Monday.

I don’t come to hair salon regularly, but i do pay a great attention to where and most importantly by who i have my hair done.

That’s why i always hold on to my current stylist for this matter, Zaenal in Carina Salon.

The Stylist

He knows how i want my hair looked like, and understand the condition that i don’t come to hair&beauty salon regularly.

So he always give me the model that will last long and still looks great!

Mine this time is medium length hair, layered with long (right to my chin) bangs.

I love this model because in the next 5 months, the layers will accentuate the grown long hair style.

me not so long ago

In Action 🙂

The price range for haircut with Zaenal in Carina Salon is Rp.225.000 for women, and Rp.150.000 for Men.

He also did my make up for special occasions. The price range for Make Up do is Rp.350.000, meanwhile for Hair+Make up is Rp.500.000.

If you bring your friends also for make up and hair do, you might get discount from Zaenal.

So if you have any events to attend to in days ahead, or for your year end party, just contact Zaenal at 081315735997.

For me it’s really worthed, because i always want to get my haircut to last for a period of time and still look stylish.

For more information, contact:

Zaenal in Carina Salon,
HandPhone: 081315735997

Carina Salon
Jl Gunawarman 26,Selong,Kebayoran Baru
Phone : 021-7204978, 021-7205085, 021-7251256, 021-72788973
Fax : 021-7395587




Tetap Segar & Sehat Sekalipun Sibuk – OkeZone Lifestyle – MSN Indonesia News – News.

Have a busy life but wanted a healthy life?

Don’t worry! just remember these things:

  1. Do stretching.  it’s for your blood pressure, so you can feel relax! Just walk a little bit in your office, every 30 minutes, at least.  Keep those legs active!
  2. Drink your mineral water! Analysts says human’s body contains 70% of water, so you have to recharge it and make it as your best bud!
  3. Put your lotions! at work, Air conditioners are constantly hitting you, so don’t forget to hydrate your beautiful skin!
  4. Wash your face and for the ladies, undo your make up after you got home! you don’t want to be annoyed by acne in the morning!
  5. Be positive! cut your daily complains, and start looking at opportunities!

Have a healthy life!!

3 Ways to Style Your Bangs Part 1

You have bangs? Get that perfect side-swept look in seconds!!

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How to Make Hips Look Slimmer – Minimize Large Hips Video –

via How to Make Hips Look Slimmer – Minimize Large Hips Video –

Hi ladies!! this is more tips on how we can accentuate our body in the right proportion. I can’t embed the video directly in here, but just click the link above or at the end of this article.

Transcript: How to Minimize HipsHello, I am Cibeline Sariano from my boutique, Cibeline, in Davis Square, Somerville MA, for Today I am going to give you some tips on how to make your hips look slimmer.

Wear Wide-Legged Pants

A great way to hide your hips, ladies, is wearing a wide-legged pant, generally known as a trouser cut. This basically means that as you get closer to your knee, your leg opening gets wider.

You still want to have the pant come in slightly at the knee, but ultimately you have a wider legged pant.

Things to Avoid to Minimize Hips

You absolutely want to avoid any slim-legged pant if you are trying to deemphasize your hips. You absolutely want to avoid pleats – no pleats, ladies! That definitely will accentuate your hips.

We also want to avoid pockets. However, a good pocket is one that is closer to your pant, closer to the front zipper. The further over it goes on your waist, the further it will accentuate your hips.

Also avoid a side zipper pant. We love to break up the front of the pant with a front zipper detail.

Wear Dark Colors

Another aspect of making your hips look slimmer is to focus on dark colors. The lighter the color, the bigger your hips will look.

When needing to make your hips look slimmer, avoid back pockets on pants. Pocket bags on pants always makes your hips look slimmer.

Try a One-Button Jacket

A minimal shoulder pad is a great way to minimize your hips. We want to go minimal with the shoulder pad, so avoid anything too bulky.

Also a perfect detail for minimizing your hips is a jacket with one button. This just draws your attention, slims out your waist, and just balances out your shoulder pads and your waist to create a more hourglass figure.

Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit

via How to Make Hips Look Slimmer – Minimize Large Hips Video –

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