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Halloo! i am finally posting again.. There are a lot of things that i want to share with all of you!!

But first of all, i am deeply apologize, i had been caught up with work so i never had the time to update my blog!

Before i let you know a sneak peek of my upcoming posts, i would like to thank you for all the readers and visitors that has been supporting this blog up to this day. I am very appreciating every hits that counted everyday for this blog.

It means a lot to me, cause this is the place i can work through my dream, and each of that hits numbers has become one of my support tool for achieving my dream.

I always try to bring you the latest news, and compiled all the hottest styles and fashion items every month. But i do want to update my postings.

Having said that, i thought of a posting that will serve a humor everybody will enjoy..?? 🙂

But nothing more than i want to remembering the late Alexander Mcqueen. He had brought great collections to the fashion world, and breakthrough in his runway themes and inspirations.

Meanwhile entering the spring-summer collections, there are plenty of trends and fashion items that can actually goes to practical and stylish category at the same time.

Not to forget the Academy awards that all girls looking forward, besides the best actor and best movies, it is the red carpet moment we all want to see!!

Not just the awards, the biggest talent search of the world, American Idol season is up! It is time for us to take a look at 12 best idol-to-be.

As interesting as they sound, their performances and what they wear every week has grabbed my attention.

Speaking of stars, this March profile is one of my movie idol, Scarlett Johannson. She is an American sweetheart, a fashion spread and cover darling on the magazines.

Last but not least, new collections from designers and who are the top 5 collections for Spring-Summer 2010?

So make sure you see all of it and be informed of the latest hot issues and items for this season!


Maya A. Siregar



Jason Wu



2010 here i cooome!!

A little flashback, 2009 had been a roller coaster in the fashion industry.

Due to the economic crisis, designers had to redeem their passion in couture collections to improve their sales worldwide in ready to wear.

Numerous of boutiques had closed down and garment workers had been laid down.

The bright side was that the collections from mainstream designers still made the statement style that we craze about!!

Namely Burberry by Christopher Bailey, Bally by Brian Atwood, Jason Wu, Balmain, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, and all designers that shone in 2009.

We still heart the androgyny looks in 2010.

Now for Spring 2010 collections we are about to look at more glitz by the trends of metallics colours, and strong dresses, graphic prints that still has a touch of androgyny looks by Balenciaga, shredded and one shouldered dresses with edgy cuttings by Rodarte sisters, and colourful cocktail dresses by Jason Wu.

Look for more updates in GlamorockVanguard for all the must haves items for this month!!!




It’s All about Romantic Glamorock Style in November!

In this edition of GlamorockVanguard, it will have reviews of more romantic side of glamorock style on celebrities and fashion runways.

celebrity designer’s collections, such as Olsenboye’s Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen twins, best November fashion photography: Madonna, best Cover Magazines: Harper’s Bazaar on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Favourite Items, and much more.hb17

For all of you who’s a big fan of twilight saga, and loving Kristen on last photoshoot for Interview Magz, she will back with the results of December Harper’s Bazaar edition with Rob!

It’s a teaser for the upcoming New Moon movie that will be released on November 20, 2009.

I will review closely on the magazine’s choices for they’re clothes, which dominated by my favourite colours, total black and deep enchanting blue!

Talking about cover magz wars, Madonna also did a photoshoot for Vanity Fair magazine last month, featuring her guy, Jesus Luz.

Also more fashion reviews about the rising designer celebs apparel lines, Olsenboye, by Mary kate and Ashley Olsen. They make the collections by partnering with JC Penney.olsens-cupcakes-240hp102909

So stay tuned on GlamorockVanguard, your ultimate fashion reviews, for more articles and what’s this month favourite item!sev-olsenboye-clothing-dk1009

Thank you for all of you that has given comments and pay visited here, i’ll keep updated it with more qualified reviews.

Happy November!!

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Hallo! Welcome to my blog.

GlamorockVanguard is a fashion blog that reviews only the best fashion items that have characteristics of GlamoRock style.  So what are the characteristics of GlamoRock style?

GlamoRock style is edgy, simple, and alluring! it’s like an attitude that a lady must have, no matter what age you are! it can be adapted and still look appropriate. Personally i do STYLE, not trends, so i pick what style is great for you to wear.

In here you can find fashion reviews from attires, shoes, accessories and lifestyle, FOR WOMEN AND MEN.  Make sure you check my latest sets from Polyvore or looklet.

I also review what i called ‘FASHION HEROES’, that tells us about any designers, photographer, artists, models, and other fashion icon that inspire us.  Also there will be reviews of related news about what’s iconic in fashion today.

So please start looking at my pages and feel free to give comments, critics and your view about this blog. Because what you say is very appreciated for the sake of it, so it will give you the best fashion and lifestyle related for your daily out and on the weekends!

Keep updated for my upcoming new blog, planned to be called VOICE OF YOUNG JAKARTANS at It’s going to be filled with fresh selected news just for updating your intellectuals!! my first article will be derived from United Nations program called : MDG’S trough lens: Stand UP and Take Actions: Stop Extreme Poverty Now, that was held last Tuesday,October 13th, 2009. Interview results from UNIC, Joko Anwar, Yacko, and more..


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