GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS 2015: The Wow-est, Love, Unfortunate

January 2015 already opened by Golden Globe red carpet stunners!! New couple, new body, new movie, new dresses are the ultimate view on Hollywood. Where do we get to start? For me, there is not only best and worst. They are all stars and they are not should be judged best and worst from the dress, though it is affecting their performance as a public figure in a whole package to dress stunningly. So let me present to you, The Wow-est, Loving it, and the Unfortunate dressed of the event! THE WOW-EST DAKOTA JOHNSON IN CHANEL

20150114-103242-37962218.jpg WHY: Metallic, Grey shades, Simple, Young, Stunner, Effortless. When those words come up in your mind the minute she wore it, how can it not be a stunner? The most importantly, it fits her perfectly. So effortless, yet it is so million dollar look. Plus she is successfully reminding the viewer the movie she’s in. Clever. Props for the stylist. AMAL ALAMUDDIN IN DIOR and GEORGE CLOONEY IN his Wedding Tux


20150114-103651-38211268.jpg WHY: The new bride of Hollywood King, George Clooney is the definition of “Simplicity at its Best!” Simly chic and modern with a “Breakfast in Tiffany’s” of Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy black dress that timelessly chic vibe, she stormed it with a pair of white gloves. It is not just the dress, her glow with her husband in her arms are the reason why this pic and moment will be one of the epic moment in 2015! Hail to the Queen Amal Alamuddin! Gorgeous! Xoxo EMMA STONE in LANVIN image WHY: After getting the stamp of new Hollywood’s red carpet queen in 2014, Emma Stone just bring the cool vibe in Lanvin’s jumpsuit! Though it reminds you how Beyonce done it in the American Music Awards, Emma clearly raised the bar by having swarovski beads top! Plus the train drama bit from her waist. Perfect glam and comfy!!! JULIANNE MOORE in CUSTOM GIVENCHY image WHY: This already gorgeous lady just gave us a vibrant look with her red hair given by the shiny silver blue ombre custom Givenchy dress! And guess what? According to she help to design the dress herself!! GIULIANA RANCIC IN MARIA LUCIA HOHAN image WHY: G! She looks impeccably glowing! No matter how people judge her skinny body, in this dress she looked stunning and she really owns the mermaid dress!! Fabulous! Though i think the back bow should be detached. Nevertheless, Loved it! LOVE IT LENA DUNHAM IN ZAC POSEN image WHY: Vivid colours loves her! Las year Zac Posen briliantly gave her the canary look, this year red is the one! Body hugging yet embracing her in a great way, the cutting, the lines, she look amazing! Consistently chic! KELLY OSBOURNE IN GEORGES CHAKRA image WHY: Clever, chic, elegant, and rocks! That is what she looked like in that dress. Midnight blue with a simple neck beads and puffed sleeves is so comfy yet so gorgeous. That is how you flaunt the sexy curves! ROSAMUND PIKE IN VERA WANG image WHY: it is post labor dress! I can not believe the first time i hear it. She looks great in stomach bearing dress like that. Though i never like white dresses for red carpet, i love the fact she’s wearing it proudly and confidently stylish! Bravo!! THE UNFORTUNATE KERRY WASHINGTON IN MARY KATRANTZOU image WHY: It is a beautiful structure dress, but not fit properly in her figure! She look like a doll that just being clothed. Love her more when she was pregnant in Balenciaga, 2014. KEIRA KNIGHTLEY IN CHANEL image WHY: it proves that no high brand can easily slip away from details. She looks beautiful, yet her dress was too grandma looking! No matter how they alter it, the dress is not even made for red carpet. Tea time perhaps? Yes i’ve said it.



black rocks this year’s runway

Style is somebody’s cumulative choices of what they decided to wear everyday. Mood swings, events, and purpose of the day are basically what effects their decision.

So when somebody decided to put on black on black attire for the day, or for the rest of their lives, what could their message be? Was it just plain their favorites, or was it something more?

the girl who kick ass in black

Before going to places, a person choose how to get dress. Colors, fabrics, patterns and eventually it became their style for the day.

Many of them are always have signature things, such as bracelets, cuffs, or even piercings. No matter what, the look that we choose, relying the feelings we were having that time.

It is powerful how one look can affect how you feel for the rest of the day. Take example in “the girl with the dragon tatoo: the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest” when Lisbeth Salander -played by Noomi Rapace- decided to go all out black on black and put all the punk attire for her trial. The image is strong looking, fearless, and even challenging.

She basically said, “You have got nothing on me, and i am stronger than ever!”

The rough life of lisbeth doesn’t make her weak, infact its getting her more stronger. So when you look at the movie, you will see how she dressed and how she personafied the look.

for me black is…

Strong. That’s what i always get and aim when i wear black and all kinds of black with all its shades for my outfit of the day.

Not only suits me, but i feel really comfortable and it gives me an extra confidence to do anything for the rest of the day. Whether it’s formal or informal occassion, i always fall for black attire (with twists of its shades, like grey and white)

Where the black stands

“Notice me, but do not disturb me.” Is what black gives a message. In more elaborate interpretation, a sense of mystery, inconspicous and gives protection from invinsibility. Meanwhile, as a gem stone, said black symbolizes resilience and self control.

Among the events like black tie, and cocktail parties, black becomes the main choices for elegance. but on the other hand, black blends well with punk style. as it said earlier, rebellious black marks a perfect message to what the punk community delivers.

There are many conflicting ideas what the black is all about. as if it always mysterious, and no one can fathom what really it stands. eventually, versatility become the primary status -in the sense of its function- in the fashion world.

designers that rocks most the black


Diesel black gold

06 11


00440fullscreenIt’s the tweed, matching with black, makes it classic and eternally classy. No rivals.

Alexander mcqueen


Alexander_mcqueen_black_3d_leaves_knuckle alexander-mcqueen-2011-evening-dress alexander-mcqueen-black-highwaist-slit-cropped-pants-product-1-5932447-439898566_large_flex alexander-mcqueen-faithful-black-zipper-peep-toe-booties lindsay-lohan-and-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-gallery mcqueen-6


6a00d83451d39969e2014e89dbf321970d-600wi GIVENCHY-1n Givenchy-Lucrezia-Satchel-Big kate-moss-givenchy

public figure who are in love with black and own it

Kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart Sports an Edgy Look With Dark Eye Makeup and All Black kristen-stewart-300 Kristen-Stewart-with-Balenciaga-Quilted-Motorcycle-Jacket-2 o-KRISTEN-STEWART-570
Rooney Mara

1336448194_rooney-mara-560 rooney-mara-2011-2 Rooney-Mara-Vogue-Magazine-2013-rooney-mara-33361689-650-884
Angelina Jolie

who always dress in black and effortlessly poised by it? She is!

433743652_013 Premiere Of Sony Pictures' "Salt" - Arrivals angelina_jolie300 Angelina-Jolie-217 Angelina-Jolie-Dresses-2012 angelina-jolie-signature-black


Have you ever seen The Walking dead series? if you do, check out Daryl Dixon character, who is the only guy that rides kick ass motorcycle amongst the streets of zombies. He is Norman Reedus.

Undoubtedly playing well with crossbow, Norman in his character portray a courageous guy, fierce looking and somehow made it to be the sweetheart saint that i always pray for the writes to keep him alive in the series.

Even though the scenes are required to be looking mostly dirty and poor choices of clothes, due to the severe conditions, he turned out to be having some similarities with the character. His style is very sons of anarchy like, and he does ride big motorcycles! He was actually worked at Harley Davidson’s before he became a great actor and well known.

Signature Style
Daily Norman

Lady gunn interview, may 2011

Lady gunn interview, may 2011

laid back with Mingus

laid back with Mingus

PARKA+FLANEL by myasglamorockstyle featuring a navy coat

On Duties

Being a classic-rock-laid-back guy style himself, his signature items includes ray bans, black denim jackets, boots, and oasis/jack galagher/nippon guy hairstyle. on the other hand, in walking dead series, he definitely have some items that attached to him and becomes his style for the role.

Being among zombies are not the best place to take style inspiration, but what is fashion all about? anything is style. so even in the darkest place, Daryl Dixon with his bike, and crossbows can inspire the girls to have the riding experience in the walking dead! 🙂

norman reedus inspired
norman reedus inspired by myasglamorockstyle featuring real leather handbags
just ride by myasglamorockstyle featuring a motorcycle vest

look #2: the vest

torn black bike vest from forever 21 is an instant look upgrader

torn black bike vest from forever 21 is an instant look upgrader

eye-candy-norman-reedus-1 NormanReedus10SF  Fundraiser honoring MARY-LOUISE PARKER & HOPE NORTH hosted by ContentMode and Martini

LOOK 5 by myasglamorockstyle featuring vero moda


Norman reedus apparently not only riding bikes, but also artistic and have humorous side to add the blend of his style.

Posing figure

Did you know that he is already taken by the musicians such as lady gaga to be her model in Judas music video? being a Judas in the video really captivating. no wonder she said “Jesus is my virtue but judas is the one i cling to, the one i cling to…” He also being as a model for Prada campaign, and various fashion magazines too.

He appeared in PRADA fall winter 1997 campaign, looking gorgeous! but he confessed that he does not have the patience to be a model. here’s an inscription from


“Will he continue being a model? He laughs. “I’m not very good at it. I don’t really have the patience. I’m short and I like beer. I don’t like people touching my face. I don’t like posing. The thing with acting is you try to ignore the camera. With photography, you have to work the camera. I’m not good at the latter.””


too bad.

prada1997 600full-norman-reedus

With his soft lips and dowy eyes, he is adorable, yet dangerous looking too! a perfect combination for a guy to have. Filmography Norman Reedus is basically a shooting star after he performed in an action – bad boys – Ireland version, The Boondock Saints I and II.

boondocksaints2_zps3ebd4745 550full

Blade II, the messengers II, and the latest gig in Iron man III: The rise of Technovore and Sunlight Jr. are some of his path way to replacing the vacant position of the next Edward Cullen figure.

Not forget to mention, he always dedicated to his fans, and posting every gifts from his fans in his instagram and twitter. So cute!

check out his instagram and twitter: @wwwbigbaldhead



Leather jackets. no matter it’s summer, fall, autumn, or winter, you absolutely able to wear it in various season. Especially when jackets, in general, are worn mostly hanged by your shoulders in this year’s style.

Thank god i have my leather jacket again, after the old one is literally torn out. Here is the new one, i called it “Angie”. It always make me feel protected and becomes my reliable “wing man” for my statement look.


No matter what season, I always obsessed with leather jacket, especially with biker look details. My obsession becomes worse when my ultimate muse, Kristen Stewart, also making it as her “second skin”. Well the big difference is she is endorsed with her friend, Nicholas Ghesquire, the former designer for Balenciaga.

The New Skin

After only 2 years wearing my classic biker leather jacket from ZARA(The old one is torn out because I kept them away in my closet while I was pregnant), I replaced it with another black leather jacket, only it is more detailed.



I am so satisfied to have found it! The details are incredibly just what I love the most. Biker collar, fine lines around the hips, strong shoulder, and quilted elbow. It is so androgyny but not having too much of a biker feel.

I love it more because I can wear it in 3 different ways! Buttons on, loosen up, or closed up.


1. Get your signature style

– types of jacket
Leather jackets are not always biker. Nowadays there are so much options and variations of materials you can choose from. For example, if you are a girl who wears mostly dresses, or all things feminine, you can choose leather jackets that has suit-like model, or even better, just like the rick owen’s leather jacket. It has loose front as the accent for the cover ups, so it gives you softer and affable feel on the leather.

– details
I go for studs, zippers, quilts, and line stitches. It matters so much to pay attention to the details, because your leather jacket will be worn out, and the only you can save is the natural basic accessories that already sewn on your jacket.

Choosing your beloved leather jacket!

Paul Joe Sister real leather jacket
4.276.885 IDR -

Moto jacket
1.127.975 IDR -

Vivienne westwood
10.453.945 IDR -

Helmut lang
8.945.570 IDR -

2. Colors makes all the difference to the leather
It almost seems obvious that colors are the fastest way to get the different impression and feel to your look. Not to mention when you are choosing you leather jackets. If I love black, it is the opposite to those who are opted more girly side. Neutral colors are best for you girls! Nude, white, cream, or even red, can make your total look easy going, but absolutely done!


Balmain real leather jacket
50.792.645 IDR -

Sass Bide quilted jacket
7.289.975 IDR -

Theory biking jacket
10.291.115 IDR -

Alice Olivia real leather jacket
8.728.530 IDR -

Zara real leather jacket
2.420.270 IDR -

AllSaints vintage biker jacket
6.492.940 IDR -

Mango real leather jacket
1.846.695 IDR -

3. Assembly it with the proper accessories and outfits.
Personally, when I wear leather jacket, I downsize my accessories to nearly none. Because having to put on the leather jacket itself –especially the real material- is already much, and quite heavy on your shoulders. The jacket itself already make a statement of who you are and what you want to be seen as.

For me, I always go for strong looking, rock, effortless, and fierce. So I only put on my statement rings, cuffs, sunglass or even my skinny leather headband that is also black, same with my jacket! Either way, I only put on one item as my main accessory.


Kristen Stewart Cannes red balenciaga leather quilted jacket

My muse, Kristen Stewart, has been endorsed with Givenchy with 3 different colors of its statement leather jacket, black, lime and red. Of course my utmost attention is on the black one. She is also stated that they are her second skin and will be devastated if she loses them. I couldn’t agree more!


Buon Compleanno Ms. Kristen Stewart!!

Yes April 9th, was my muse’s 23rd birthday!

I am so excited to see what is her next movies project and her future red carpet looks!

I may not able to give her a present, but I can give an homage through my special selections of her looks throughout the years and her rare exposed pics and covers that we may not often sees in articles or our subscribed magazines.

Kristen has been my muse since I have seen her in twilight. No matter how bad the press were when the scandal hits her last year, I always adores her as an actress and how great she is as relatively young talent in the industry.

I dedicated this post for all of KSTEW fans out there that are just like me, can’t get enough of her performances!


First tour of her homage,

Finally I have been selecting some of new designers that will make Kristen look more fierce in her various red carpet and talk shows appearances.

Hello Mid 20’s, It’s time for new look!

Tara Sweenen, her stylist, is already do justice by picking up how to mix her rock personality with elegance of the designer’s pieces.

However, I am really excited to see some new looks for her, especially when she is more enjoying the red carpet than she was, before twilight saga’s craze. In addition to what Tara’s already styled Kristen big designers name like Balmain, Balenciaga, Chanel, and Givenchy, i do hope that Kristen will wear more who is also my favorite designers, that also fit for her personality, such as LANVIN dresses, Fendi, Aquilano Rimondi and RICK OWENS boots.









Her statement look in the red carpet Is definitely edgy, daring, sexy, but also elegant in the same time. She’s so young, so I am eager to see her in most quirky, edgy, and bare legs outfit in the runways.

She has the most easy going body that can rock any kind of outfit she find. But the tricky part is not to over edgy her, so she’s not looking too vampire gal looks. Therefore, prints and electric colors are definitely favorites. Minis and transparent in right places are her strong point.

I was thinking some new designers, other than the usual big names she had wear, that I am hoping for her to stroll it down the red carpet.

alon livne for kstew

Angel Sanchez Fall 2013

Angel Sanchez Fall 2013











diesel black gold

diesel black gold


Falguni and shane peacock

Falguni and shane peacock











Mathieu Mirano

cool skirt


nude best








son jung wan


We cannot eliminate the fact that thanks to Twilight in 2008, it was the first time she stole every public eyes the minute her step down the red carpet. Her look is always been searched, inspired, and admired ever since.

From Balmain to Zuhair Murad, Tara has made her red carpet look interesting and daring.

Notice that throughout the saga’s premieres, she posed a lot of big designer’s pieces, including Balenciaga, Chanel, Peter Pilotto, Proenza Schouler, Balmain, Valentino, Zuhair Murad, Erdem, and Louis Vouiton.

Here’s a charade of her red carpet look that stand out among her look book.


MTV Movie Awards and Kids Choice Awards are two awards shows which she always looked more laid back yet still rockin those legs effortlessly.

Looking effortlessly edgy with BALMAIN. Simple Micro tube dress with personal touch accessories has been her staple red carpet look ever since.

Looking effortlessly edgy with BALMAIN. Simple Micro tube dress with personal touch accessories has been her staple red carpet look ever since.



It’s High Top over High Heels. What makes Kristen Stewart a Hollywood sweetheart/rebellion is how she persistently shows us that she can wear as simple as Chuck Taylor sneakers over flats to overcome her sore ankle that day.

Enchanting in mini Stella Mcartney Blue brocade dress.

Enchanting in mini Stella Mcartney Blue brocade dress.

She may have looked a girl who opted for dark shades on every occassion, but you are absolutely wrong!
Though dark and neutral colours suited her nicely and cooler that way, her fair flawless skin will always screaming for bright and neon colours!
I’m telling you, NO ONE can work neon and bright colours as fair as she does!

wearing Osman Studio at Kids Choice Awards 2013

wearing Osman Studio at Kids Choice Awards 2013

It’s kid’s choice awards! Perfect for her to just put on some shorts and tops. But not to forget the cameras, she always managed to be comfortable without leaving sense of edgy into it.



If there’s anyone who think that Kristen Stewart does not care about how she looks in these events, well you might wanna look closely how she poses in the red carpet again. Just look at this dress, she absolutely loves how mini dress hugs her body. She posed like she’s Victoria’s Beckham’s sister!
Booty on, one leg ahead on the other and arrow hands like a statuesque figure. She has her own red carpet pose everyone!



Met gala always been a charades of unique and haute couture time for every hollywood stars. But not always for Kristen. She kept it true to herself by wearing unique patch mini dress by Balenciaga. Look at the details, she respect the “dress code” without leaving “Kristen”.



After being Nicholas Ghesquiere muse for Balenciaga, i just wish Karl Lagerfeld would make Kristen as his muse someday, whether for Chanel, Fendi, or his own line, Karl Lagerfeld. She just has this big personality that very much inspiring to work on. All hopes up.

Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad



Another Balmain is another red carpet success for her. Or in this case, white carpet. I absolutely love Balmain, especially when Kristen wears it. I bet she’s in love with every Balmain pieces as well, not to mention the leather jackets and fitted pants.



A touch of brocade and beads in Kristen’s look is always captivating. Who could have made it best? Valentino and Erdem.





Crisp fitted pants and midriff cutout top from Balenciaga with smokin crimson lips are her too comfortable for Kristen. FIERCE.


Making it more fashion forward by wearing Louis Vouitton new Monochromatic alma dress.



Kristen is not all about minis and cut out dresses. She shows how much she can knuckle down every fashionistas that may have trying too hard on looking great by having “hey, I can wear tight-elbow sleeves-knee length red checked printed dress and looking effortlessly elegant too!”



Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad

Nude brocade Zuhair Murad dress, my most favorite long red carpet dress on her ever.

Mario Schwab, Vivienne Westwood, and Christian Louboutins. Fierce combo!

Again, pose, pose, pose. she did it naturally.

Night and day talk shows

What could be more fun than getting to know our muse, interviewed by our favorite talk shows?

She is known for her secretive relationship with Robert Pattinson, back in the days. She only talks her work to the press. Somehow it turned her presences in these talk shows into a very microscopic analyzed by the online and social media.

So how she presents herself in these talk shows are closely watch. What she was wearing? That’s the very first thing I’d always eager to see.





Kristen Stewart & Chris Hemsworth Head To The BBC

And of course, she always wears and guard her Balenciaga leather jacket everywhere.

kstew homage

Kristen Stewart Cannes red balenciaga leather quilted jacket

kstew in pic big

Model Role

After all of that red carpet shows, no wonder she immeadiately became model cover darling among big names of international magazines. Vogue, V, W, Nylon and Vanity Fair are keeping up with her sky high fame.




ELLE UK 2010




Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart


Self appeareances

Though her day to day basis look is far from glamorous, she recently became obsessive to her beloved Balenciaga leather jacket. (Look at “Obsessed: leather jacket” post)

T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. That’s the combo of her running errands key look. But what makes it glamrock is the beloved item that became her “second skin”, which is balenciaga’s leather jacket. And she looks definitely as rockstar fame walking the streets with it.

Stewart's all smiles

Kristen Stewart Takes Her Dad To A Florence And The Machine Concert

Kristen Stewart Cannes red balenciaga leather quilted jacket

What makes her more attractive is not only how she turned simple items into must have items, but she also turned the idea of wearing your boyfriend’s items and switching accessories with your BF become most cozy wearing for daily basis as well. Especially when Robert Pattinson’s outfit are the one that blends into hers.


I could never see her in worst dress list, because she could work best the most quirky dresses there is. But noted that she was also have some dresses that in my opinion, she should wear something else. For example, when she attended the Snow White and The Huntsman premiere in London, November 2012.

Though it’s black, and she is soing so well on wearing cut outs dresses, it’s just too long for her. it’s brocade, and the trail is also brocade. my eyes just annoyed when i see her in this dress. Usually i looked at her red carpet dresses would be much more refreshing.

Marchesa 2012

Marchesa 2012


Also there was red printed Proenza Schouler gown she wore in Met gala. When i looked at it at the first time, i am not a fan of this gown on her.

But when i saw the back, i loved it. After all she attended the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” met gala theme. The shoes, loved it too.

So for the first time on on 50/50 like and don’t like for this gown on her.





red gown that was a success for her was absolutely when she wore Reem Acra at Cannes film festival 2012.




Then and Next Premieres

Breaking dawn part II already hits box office. That means goodbye to Twilight saga premieres, which always become a madness among Kristen Stewart fans.

In case of her next movies, I am interested to see her mother’s upcoming movie K-11. Jules stewart, being the director, has set a minor role for Kristen.

Another movie that already expected to see is Snow White and the Huntsman II.

The last Kristen Stewart picture selections are dedicated to all the movies that also starred by her.

You may have seen her in other movies, but I have my favorites.


with anton yelchin

with anton yelchin


More relaxed walking about with Robert Pattinson

Wherever Kristen is, she is always attached with her boyfriend, Rob. Whether his shirt, caps, or accessories that they switch wear it, it always very adorable to see.


She is still 23 years old. That is a very young age considering how big her accomplishments are. I am always waiting for her next projects, and her new looks at red carpets and shows.

One thing for sure, she will always be my muse!

All the best of fortune, Kstew!


Ciaoo mia l’amiciii dall’moda!!!!

The other day when i wen to pacific mall with my stylish sister for work related pleasures, i ran into Angelique Widjaja.

She is a senior tennis Indonesian athlete that also the most stylish athlete in the field!

In here she wore plain shirt and mini skirt jeans. But always, i wouldn’t take her picture if she didn’t wear that rockin’ scarf!! That infamous Alexander Mcqueen’s blue black skull!!

It’s a damn right decisions to put that on to her outfit!! Makes her overall style simply rockin!

Great job Angie! 😉