It is just 2 more weeks until 2014. So much of the latest items in 2013 that are still desirable. Compiling most desirable items in this year, it will just making sure all of the glamorockvs will not get enough of these items.



Simple, detailed, improved, still a classic, with a tough chain details.


Chanel BOY, deserves its name. Looking at the surface, it looks like the chanel purse has an androgyny makeover. Never fail to produce a craved collectible items, Karl Lagerfeld made it in all scintillating colours and fabrics.

From leather lambskin, velvet, and sheepskin, mini, medium or large, Chanel BOY makes every girl in this world drools.


Remember when bondage dresses from Herve Leger dominating the red carpets of Hollywood? Well their times are over and now we are entering the world of “smart revealing”.


Transparent, sexy yet subtle. Stigma, Sepal, Corolla, Calyx, Carpel or Anther, take your pick! Thise are the dresses of Peggy’s Unseen Collections.

Not only because they are approved to be hot considering numerous big names in Hollywood, like Giuliana Rancic, Bella Thorne, Dania Ramirez, and Monica Rose as the stylist in Los Angeles that introduce some of these stars with Peggy’s dresses, wore them. They are absolutely gorgeous dress that deserves to be a hit list for the red carpet, concerts, after parties, or any kind of events that you want to nail down.

It is an obsession, and addictive to see it, can you imagine if you wear it? so proud of this talented Indonesian designer, Peggy Hartanto.



It is undeniable that boots in general made a special place in every wardrobes finishing touch this year. Even though these boots were first appeared in Spring RTW 2011. Ankle, Knee-high, Over the Knee high boots made you a special entrance in every occasion.

Not just for winter, ankle boots allows you to wear them in the summer. Enter Balenciaga’s Cut Out boots. It is a perfect excuse to leave your double platforms and stilettos in the closet.


A changing polar of fashionable items are happening majorly in 2013. Looking good is not fixated on small sizes, oversize sweaters paired with a fitted pants can be a new addiction for your casual daily wear. Especially when it comes in neoprene.


Neoprene may be famous for its durable material for wetsuits. But in the fashion world, this means taking a break for wearing 0 sizes and making entries of oversizes. Is that heaven or what?


You have to go to http://www.DYLANLEX.com to see how seriously adore these silver chains. Not only she made it clear that “go big or go home”, it does work wonders for you monochrome outfit.



Punk style are honored in the MET Gala this year. What accessories do best to interpret that look? So no need of great amount persuasion, just buy a piece, wear it, and you will feel the affect.

Just remember to balance all that heavy chains in a subtle dress or simple top and bottom.



black rocks this year’s runway

Style is somebody’s cumulative choices of what they decided to wear everyday. Mood swings, events, and purpose of the day are basically what effects their decision.

So when somebody decided to put on black on black attire for the day, or for the rest of their lives, what could their message be? Was it just plain their favorites, or was it something more?

the girl who kick ass in black

Before going to places, a person choose how to get dress. Colors, fabrics, patterns and eventually it became their style for the day.

Many of them are always have signature things, such as bracelets, cuffs, or even piercings. No matter what, the look that we choose, relying the feelings we were having that time.

It is powerful how one look can affect how you feel for the rest of the day. Take example in “the girl with the dragon tatoo: the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest” when Lisbeth Salander -played by Noomi Rapace- decided to go all out black on black and put all the punk attire for her trial. The image is strong looking, fearless, and even challenging.

She basically said, “You have got nothing on me, and i am stronger than ever!”

The rough life of lisbeth doesn’t make her weak, infact its getting her more stronger. So when you look at the movie, you will see how she dressed and how she personafied the look.

for me black is…

Strong. That’s what i always get and aim when i wear black and all kinds of black with all its shades for my outfit of the day.

Not only suits me, but i feel really comfortable and it gives me an extra confidence to do anything for the rest of the day. Whether it’s formal or informal occassion, i always fall for black attire (with twists of its shades, like grey and white)

Where the black stands

“Notice me, but do not disturb me.” Is what black gives a message. In more elaborate interpretation, a sense of mystery, inconspicous and gives protection from invinsibility. Meanwhile, as a gem stone, crystal-cure.com said black symbolizes resilience and self control.

Among the events like black tie, and cocktail parties, black becomes the main choices for elegance. but on the other hand, black blends well with punk style. as it said earlier, rebellious black marks a perfect message to what the punk community delivers.

There are many conflicting ideas what the black is all about. as if it always mysterious, and no one can fathom what really it stands. eventually, versatility become the primary status -in the sense of its function- in the fashion world.

designers that rocks most the black


Diesel black gold

06 11


00440fullscreenIt’s the tweed, matching with black, makes it classic and eternally classy. No rivals.

Alexander mcqueen


Alexander_mcqueen_black_3d_leaves_knuckle alexander-mcqueen-2011-evening-dress alexander-mcqueen-black-highwaist-slit-cropped-pants-product-1-5932447-439898566_large_flex alexander-mcqueen-faithful-black-zipper-peep-toe-booties lindsay-lohan-and-alexander-mcqueen-skull-scarf-gallery mcqueen-6


6a00d83451d39969e2014e89dbf321970d-600wi GIVENCHY-1n Givenchy-Lucrezia-Satchel-Big kate-moss-givenchy

public figure who are in love with black and own it

Kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart Sports an Edgy Look With Dark Eye Makeup and All Black kristen-stewart-300 Kristen-Stewart-with-Balenciaga-Quilted-Motorcycle-Jacket-2 o-KRISTEN-STEWART-570
Rooney Mara

1336448194_rooney-mara-560 rooney-mara-2011-2 Rooney-Mara-Vogue-Magazine-2013-rooney-mara-33361689-650-884
Angelina Jolie

who always dress in black and effortlessly poised by it? She is!

433743652_013 Premiere Of Sony Pictures' "Salt" - Arrivals angelina_jolie300 Angelina-Jolie-217 angelina-jolie-black-and-white-fashion-glamour-hair-photography-Favim.com-77109 Angelina-Jolie-Dresses-2012 angelina-jolie-signature-black