GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS 2015: The Wow-est, Love, Unfortunate

January 2015 already opened by Golden Globe red carpet stunners!! New couple, new body, new movie, new dresses are the ultimate view on Hollywood. Where do we get to start? For me, there is not only best and worst. They are all stars and they are not should be judged best and worst from the dress, though it is affecting their performance as a public figure in a whole package to dress stunningly. So let me present to you, The Wow-est, Loving it, and the Unfortunate dressed of the event! THE WOW-EST DAKOTA JOHNSON IN CHANEL

20150114-103242-37962218.jpg WHY: Metallic, Grey shades, Simple, Young, Stunner, Effortless. When those words come up in your mind the minute she wore it, how can it not be a stunner? The most importantly, it fits her perfectly. So effortless, yet it is so million dollar look. Plus she is successfully reminding the viewer the movie she’s in. Clever. Props for the stylist. AMAL ALAMUDDIN IN DIOR and GEORGE CLOONEY IN his Wedding Tux


20150114-103651-38211268.jpg WHY: The new bride of Hollywood King, George Clooney is the definition of “Simplicity at its Best!” Simly chic and modern with a “Breakfast in Tiffany’s” of Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy black dress that timelessly chic vibe, she stormed it with a pair of white gloves. It is not just the dress, her glow with her husband in her arms are the reason why this pic and moment will be one of the epic moment in 2015! Hail to the Queen Amal Alamuddin! Gorgeous! Xoxo EMMA STONE in LANVIN image WHY: After getting the stamp of new Hollywood’s red carpet queen in 2014, Emma Stone just bring the cool vibe in Lanvin’s jumpsuit! Though it reminds you how Beyonce done it in the American Music Awards, Emma clearly raised the bar by having swarovski beads top! Plus the train drama bit from her waist. Perfect glam and comfy!!! JULIANNE MOORE in CUSTOM GIVENCHY image WHY: This already gorgeous lady just gave us a vibrant look with her red hair given by the shiny silver blue ombre custom Givenchy dress! And guess what? According to she help to design the dress herself!! GIULIANA RANCIC IN MARIA LUCIA HOHAN image WHY: G! She looks impeccably glowing! No matter how people judge her skinny body, in this dress she looked stunning and she really owns the mermaid dress!! Fabulous! Though i think the back bow should be detached. Nevertheless, Loved it! LOVE IT LENA DUNHAM IN ZAC POSEN image WHY: Vivid colours loves her! Las year Zac Posen briliantly gave her the canary look, this year red is the one! Body hugging yet embracing her in a great way, the cutting, the lines, she look amazing! Consistently chic! KELLY OSBOURNE IN GEORGES CHAKRA image WHY: Clever, chic, elegant, and rocks! That is what she looked like in that dress. Midnight blue with a simple neck beads and puffed sleeves is so comfy yet so gorgeous. That is how you flaunt the sexy curves! ROSAMUND PIKE IN VERA WANG image WHY: it is post labor dress! I can not believe the first time i hear it. She looks great in stomach bearing dress like that. Though i never like white dresses for red carpet, i love the fact she’s wearing it proudly and confidently stylish! Bravo!! THE UNFORTUNATE KERRY WASHINGTON IN MARY KATRANTZOU image WHY: It is a beautiful structure dress, but not fit properly in her figure! She look like a doll that just being clothed. Love her more when she was pregnant in Balenciaga, 2014. KEIRA KNIGHTLEY IN CHANEL image WHY: it proves that no high brand can easily slip away from details. She looks beautiful, yet her dress was too grandma looking! No matter how they alter it, the dress is not even made for red carpet. Tea time perhaps? Yes i’ve said it.