I.K.Y.K F/W Collections

I.K.Y.K aka I Know You Know is an indonesian label that created in the early 2011. Its collections were clean cuts, soft-baroque like, with touches of edgyness.

Mostly daily wear, I.K.Y.K offers you to have one piece that can go well with your other pieces of fashion items, and makes it modern. There are also pieces that can go well for your dinner party or other special occasions. Such as the tutus skirt that is in the “The Secret Revealed” collections.

After their first debut of the collections, they continue to collaborate with Melissa and Alexandra, new uprising make up artist. they also did the previous collections for the make up.

The collections were dedicated for the urban style of a busy life in Jakarta. Thus makes the items were boyish, practical but still have touches of I.K.Y.K original materials.

Now, they are presenting the preview of their new collections called “Romantic Postiche”. Here i attached the preview of their first video.

visit http://ikyk.tumblr.com