I have been posting for http://www.screenthrough, right now. it is my movie blog, but i will left you with my finding on You Tube. Straight from GQ magazine from their October 9th edition.

The Walking Dead is my current obsession when it comes to tv series. Well the break out star Norman Reedus is making me worse. His style is effortless. What a kind of man i am rooting for! 😉

Yes it is sad to watch the mid season finale of The Walking Dead last Sunday!!!

Guess what? They are back on 9th February 2014.

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Have you ever seen The Walking dead series? if you do, check out Daryl Dixon character, who is the only guy that rides kick ass motorcycle amongst the streets of zombies. He is Norman Reedus.

Undoubtedly playing well with crossbow, Norman in his character portray a courageous guy, fierce looking and somehow made it to be the sweetheart saint that i always pray for the writes to keep him alive in the series.

Even though the scenes are required to be looking mostly dirty and poor choices of clothes, due to the severe conditions, he turned out to be having some similarities with the character. His style is very sons of anarchy like, and he does ride big motorcycles! He was actually worked at Harley Davidson’s before he became a great actor and well known.

Signature Style
Daily Norman

Lady gunn interview, may 2011

Lady gunn interview, may 2011

laid back with Mingus

laid back with Mingus

PARKA+FLANEL by myasglamorockstyle featuring a navy coat

On Duties

Being a classic-rock-laid-back guy style himself, his signature items includes ray bans, black denim jackets, boots, and oasis/jack galagher/nippon guy hairstyle. on the other hand, in walking dead series, he definitely have some items that attached to him and becomes his style for the role.

Being among zombies are not the best place to take style inspiration, but what is fashion all about? anything is style. so even in the darkest place, Daryl Dixon with his bike, and crossbows can inspire the girls to have the riding experience in the walking dead! 🙂

norman reedus inspired
norman reedus inspired by myasglamorockstyle featuring real leather handbags
just ride by myasglamorockstyle featuring a motorcycle vest

look #2: the vest

torn black bike vest from forever 21 is an instant look upgrader

torn black bike vest from forever 21 is an instant look upgrader

eye-candy-norman-reedus-1 NormanReedus10SF  Fundraiser honoring MARY-LOUISE PARKER & HOPE NORTH hosted by ContentMode and Martini

LOOK 5 by myasglamorockstyle featuring vero moda


Norman reedus apparently not only riding bikes, but also artistic and have humorous side to add the blend of his style.

Posing figure

Did you know that he is already taken by the musicians such as lady gaga to be her model in Judas music video? being a Judas in the video really captivating. no wonder she said “Jesus is my virtue but judas is the one i cling to, the one i cling to…” He also being as a model for Prada campaign, and various fashion magazines too.

He appeared in PRADA fall winter 1997 campaign, looking gorgeous! but he confessed that he does not have the patience to be a model. here’s an inscription from


“Will he continue being a model? He laughs. “I’m not very good at it. I don’t really have the patience. I’m short and I like beer. I don’t like people touching my face. I don’t like posing. The thing with acting is you try to ignore the camera. With photography, you have to work the camera. I’m not good at the latter.””


too bad.

prada1997 600full-norman-reedus

With his soft lips and dowy eyes, he is adorable, yet dangerous looking too! a perfect combination for a guy to have. Filmography Norman Reedus is basically a shooting star after he performed in an action – bad boys – Ireland version, The Boondock Saints I and II.

boondocksaints2_zps3ebd4745 550full

Blade II, the messengers II, and the latest gig in Iron man III: The rise of Technovore and Sunlight Jr. are some of his path way to replacing the vacant position of the next Edward Cullen figure.

Not forget to mention, he always dedicated to his fans, and posting every gifts from his fans in his instagram and twitter. So cute!

check out his instagram and twitter: @wwwbigbaldhead